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1. Wine rack

Organize your wine bottles in a tin can wine rack!

This project is easy, functional and fabulous. All you have to do is to remove both ends of the cans, paint them any color you please and then arrange and stack them before you glue them.

2. Organizing Caddy

One of the most common uses for tin cans and tin containers is to use them to organize drawers, desks and other areas.

You can use tin containers (like the ones from Altoids), to organize your desk drawers. Put away erasers, paper clips, rubber bands, beads, tape, binder rings and anything else that’s lying around your desk drawer.

You can also use tin cans to organize your arts and crafts supplies.

Group together pencils, paintbrushes, rulers, scissors and other objects in various tin cans and organize them on your desk so you know exactly where everything is located. In order to make these aesthetically pleasing you can decorate the tin containers by painting them, covering them with fabric and more.

3. Décor

DIY arts and crafts using repurposed items is all the rage nowadays and tin containers are among the most versatile objects to use. Using tin cans as part of wedding décor can significantly save money as well as add a unique and rustic touch to the special event.

Tin cans can be used as hanging lanterns, centerpieces, hanging vases and much more.

There are also other ways to use tin containers as décor – you can make custom lamp shades, make your own scented candles and create holiday décor such as Jack O’ Lanterns or door wreaths.

4. Baking

Who would have thought that you could actually use tin containers as bakeware?

Tin cans can be used as cookie cutters or baking pans for mini cakes. Tin cans are also sturdy enough to be repurposed into miniature cake stands where you can display small cakes and cupcakes. All you have to do is glue a painted can to the bottom of a matching plate with strong glue.

5. Mini First Aid / Survival Kit

It’s always important to be prepared for emergency situations and a small tin container is just big enough to hold some of the most important first aid and survival items that you might need.

A tin container can hold cash, loose change, Band-Aids, small batteries, Ibuprofen, a small box cutter, Chapstick and various other small items that are normally found in first aid and survival kits.

6. Closet Organizer

In the same way that you can use tin cans to organize your wines, pens, pencils and your desk you can also use them to organize your scarf collection in your closet.

Assemble this project in the same way you put together the wine rack by gluing a couple of tin cans together to create little cubbies for your scarves.

7. Hanging Bird Feeder

Add a cute bird feeder to the tree outside your home by cutting out both sides of a tin can, painting it and tying it to a branch with some rope.

Add some bird feed and watch your tree become one of the most popular gathering spots hungry birds.

8. Piggy Bank

Make your own piggy bank out of a tin container where you can save up all your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

9. Mini Grill

Who would have thought that tins could be so resourceful?

If you cut strips into the can and fold them back you can put some tin foil over the hole and add some charcoal inside. Place a cooling rack over the charcoal and you’ve got yourself an instant mini grill.

10. Plant Markers

Keep your garden organized by cutting out strips from a tin can and using them as plant markers.

Write out the names of each plant on a piece of paper and then trace the lettering onto the tin strips. Trim the edges so that you can stick the strips into the ground.

The tin can has moved as fast as consumer demand has grown; always adapting, innovating and satisfying while preserving the qualities that provide its inherent value—protection and strength.
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